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History of Our Chapter



In 2008, during a visit to the Starfleet International (SFI) Star Trek Fan Association table at the “Shore Leave” convention, a small group decided to create a new chapter of the SFI to serve the Harrisburg and York area of Central Pennsylvania.


The chapter was launched in 2009 as a starter shuttle with 5 crewmembers sponsored by the USS DeBrack chapter. After a successful shakedown period, the crew was eventually granted a full commission from SFI as the USS Buchanan chapter. Later in 2010, the chapter was rechristened as the USS Susquehannock NCC-71833 chapter of Starfleet Region 7.


Over the years, we have grown from the original small group of founding members to a group of more than 25 crewmembers. We also include the Starfleet Marine Corps unit named the “Stormeagles”.

The name “Susquehannock” is representative of the Native American Indian tribe that resided in the Harrisburg and York area.


Our logo shows the “Wolf” to represent the spirit of the Susquehannock tribe.


Our chapter ship is a Galaxy Class starship that is similar to the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701D.

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