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Our Chapter


The ships motto of our chapter is "Too Much Fun For Normal People.".


We are a happy bunch of dedicated fans that enjoy a variety of science fiction related franchises. Throughout the year, we participate in a number of events and activities. You can read about some examples under our Events & Activities page.


You can see some of our past events and activities in our Photo Gallery!


One of our primary goals is raising money for charities. To learn more about our charities and fundraising efforts, go to our Charities page


In addition to regular Starfleet personnel, we are also proud to have the 713th Storm Eagles Squadron of the Starfleet Marine Corp (SFMC).  Our Starfleet Marines aid us in our fundraising efforts and are active in the region, participating in the frequent Region 7 Marine Muster and visiting Military related attractions in the area. You can find out more about the Starfleet Marines and the Storm Eagles here.

We are also proud to present "The Eagle", Harrisburg's very own superhero!  Susquehannock members Jim Hutley and Carl Dietrich are authors along with artist Lance Footer. You can check out some of the art here.


We usually meet on the last Sunday of the month at a local restaurant in the Enola or York areas. For those who cannot attend in person, we also have online access to most meetings. Notices for all meetings is posted on our Facebook page.


Check out our Facebook page for the latest and greatest information. Hailing frequencies are always open and all are welcome!

Check out our YouTube channel for our Video Newsletter and other exploits!

Please refer to our Handbook and By-Laws for more information on how we operate.

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